Monthly Meeting: Cheryl Alexander - Takaya the Lone Wolf of Discovery Island
Mar 27/19 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Come and join professional conservation photographer Cheryl Alexander who lives on the edge of the Salish Sea. She has previously resided and worked in the Maritimes, Fiji and Egypt as well as onboard the sailboat ‘Aries’ in the Caribbean, Cuba, Panama & Colombia.  In Cheryl’s previous professional life, she worked as an environmental educator, consultant, facilitator and taught Environmental Studies at UVic.


Her photographs have been published in:  Ecology; 'Return of the Wolf' book by Paula Wild; McLeans Magazine; GOOD Magazine; The Guardian; Newsweek; Earth Touch News Network; 360; Kayak; Times-Colonist Newspaper; Black Media Group Daily Newspapers; Raincoast Conservation Society Calendar; South African Wild Coast Calendar & print / TV media.


For the past 5 years Cheryl has observed and documented the lone wild wolf Takaya that lives on the islands of Tl’ches (Discovery, Chatham and Oak Bay Ecological Reserve Islands). Cheryl is currently working on a film and a book about the life of Takaya.


 Cheryl’s Presentation:


The story of Takaya, lone wolf, is epic and heroic … an odyssey of long swims and unique adaptation that ignites awe and wonder.  His journey took him from a territory where he likely hunted ungulates with his pack, to an unoccupied, tiny island territory close to a large urban area where he has lived alone for almost 7 years.  Now he hunts primarily seal.  It is a story of a wild animal who has, against many odds, established a successful life in an unknown and challenging environment.  Cheryl’s presentation will include images and video about his life and the world he inhabits in the islands.  You can find more information and photos on Cheryl’s website www.wildawake.com