Month Meeting - AGM - A NOT SO SAVAGE LAND: The Art and Times of Frederick Whymper 1838-1901
Apr 24/19 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Peter Johnson, who has previously presented at a SISKA monthly meeting, will be the key note speaker and will be introducing his new book:


A NOT SO STAVAGE LAND: The Art and Times of Frederick Whymper 1838-1901


Frederick Whymper was an artist, and wood-block engraver who traveled through America, BC, The Yukon, Alaska and Kamchatka at a critical moment in the history of the Pacific Northwest. His drawings, paintings and writings record with unabashed vitality, several critically important events that took place in quick succession between 1862 and 1875. He was the first European to report the “Chilcotin War,” and was the official artist on the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition and Western Union’s Overland telegraph line from Vancouver to Alaska and Siberia.


Peter’s talk on the life and times Frederick Whymper will includes archival photographs of Whymper’s youth in the slums of Lambeth and images of those institutions and people who pushed him to exhibit his paintings in the Royal Academy. Also shown will be Peter’s own photographs of much of the country Whymper painted, as Peter retraced Whymper steps up Vancouver Island, Bute Inlet, the Yukon, Alaska panhandle and Siberia.



Peter Johnson was born in Cheshire and educated in Canada. He has taught History, English Literature, and Creative Writing in colleges and high-schools in Dublin, London, the prairies and British Columbia. He has written books on: Native petroglyphs, (Glyphs and Gallows); the bride-ships women who left Britain to marry the miners on our frontier, (Voyages of Hope); a history of the William Head Quarantine Station, (Quarantined); a historical guide-book on 25 BC Lighthouses (To The lighthouse). An avid bicycle-tourer, he has cycled through Quebec, the Maritimes, the Mississippi River Valley, and Britain.