A Nautical Knot Event
May 20/19 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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A Nautical Knot Event or how not to get knotted!
We shall be demonstrating a series of knots useful to kayakers, including how to set up a tarp.
Monday 20th May @ 6.45 pm at Willows Beach.
If you have them please bring a tow line, throw bag and any rope you wish to play with.
A chair and knot book could also be useful.  Bring a picnic dinner if pushed for time.
If you have a favourite knot of your own please be prepared to demonstrate it.
There is no cost for this clinic as it is simply a gathering of interested club members.
Our knotty expert Mike Miles will be on hand for those interested in more complicated knots, as well as other club members.