SISKA's 6th Annual Paddle and Party - Dec 14, 2013

The 6th Annual SISKA Paddle and Party was a blast!













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An overcast, warm-ish and misty morning greeted 23 hardy kayakers, many decked out (to the gunwales!) in their seasonal best, at the CFSA beach launch site.

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In good holiday spirits they paddled down Esquimalt Harbour, along the shoreline and around Coles Island, carolling as they went, to the landing just before the bridge at Six Mile Pub. Here they serenaded the Tacoma family who had provided their backyard path up to Hart Road.













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From here the colourful cavalcade crossed the bridge to the Pub to be greeted by Mrs Santa Claus (Lynne Parten) herself!

The luncheon party that followed was terrific! 70+ kayakers in one big decorated room with good food and drink, great camaraderie, a slideshow of 2013 paddles, multiple prizes, awards and games (Kayakardy!) - it was certainly one to remember!





























The arrival of Santa (Doug Linton) to join Mrs Claus set a very jolly tone as MC Gary Allen guided us and the Clauses made lots of presentations. Awards for best costume (Heather Jones’ “present”), kayak decoration (Gary Weeks’ “Christmas boughs”), best-dressed kayaker (Deb Leach’s “Poinsettia”), first sign-up (Matthew Powell), determination to paddle (Michael Woodley), “Nice nominations” (Jo Nicolson, Odette Dantzer, Jennie Sutton, Dorothea Hoffman) and lots of door and chair prizes followed thanks to our many generous event sponsors.

President Sheila Porteous brought a musical Christmas message to club members and then introduced the “Legacy Award” to Susan Duhamel, Glynis Newman and Gary Allen for their great work over SISKA’s past five years.















Kayakardy!, a homemade kayaking version of Jeopardy! (thanks to Odette Dantzer and David Maxwell!), was played with great energy and competitive spirit between the three groups: the “Tide Slackers”, “Rubber Duckies” and “Winners”, who in fact ultimately won! Some great kayaking stories and songs were then shared before the event came to an end in time for the paddlers to return in daylight.















We all have loads of great memories from the 6th Annual SISKA Paddle and Party!