Brentwood Bay to McKenzie Bight - January 19, 2014

Many thanks to Robin Byrne and Don Vivian for contributing these photos and GPS track!

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We had a beautiful west coast winter day for our paddle from Brentwood Bay to McKenzie Bight on January 19th , but there were a few challenges to overcome!

 Our 22 hardy kayakers cooperated to bring down boats and gear, and then launched in shifts from the very small beach available due to a near 9’ high tide. Our “beach talk” was on the water once everyone was afloat in the cove.

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We were fortunate to have lots of experienced paddlers, so several were put to work! The group was divided into two “pods”, with “green” Gary Jacek and Tony Copping escorting the first, while Shannon Davis and “red” Gary Allen accompanied the second a short distance behind.

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Alan Campbell brought the whole group together frequently for a short paddling break while he passed along some information he’d uncovered about the area’s history, geography or culture.

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The sun tried but never did manage to break through the day’s low clouds, so although there was very little wind it felt quite chilly on the water, prompting Mark Byrne to break out his arctic headgear!

DSCF5094 DSCF5175

There was plenty of beach for landing at McKenzie Bight, so we decorated it with our colourful kayaks, and headed for lunch on the rocks looking across to the Malahat shore of Saanich Inlet.

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While some hiked up the trail to the Falls on Pease Creek, Lorraine Nygaard led a group in some Yoga warm-up exercises before we left.

DSCN0648  DSCF5108

Robin took a great group shot on the water as we prepared to head back after lunch.

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After a few stops for more local information on the paddle back, we sang a rousing “Happy Birthday” chorus to John Levey who celebrates his 80th birthday this month and headed for Brentwood Bay and a debrief at JJ's in BB village! Quite the day!

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Jan 19th