Albert Head Lagoon to Witty's Lagoon - Jan 3, 2015

25 keen paddlers joined Morley Eldridge, kayaker and archaeologist, and Alan Campbell for the first SISKA paddle of 2015!

The wind and weather were fine as we rounded Albert Head and paddled into Witty's Lagoon, with Morley periodically explaining about ancient aboriginal uses of the land and sea in the area. In the Lagoon we hiked a short distance to the remains of small log houses before continuing to Sitting Lady Falls for some freshwater spray! We paddled back outside the Lagoon to land on a small beach below Tower Point Park for lunch on the bluff. Here Morley showed us the remains of the old aboriginal fortifications from which the local people could defend themselves against invading groups. Sea levels in this area are 5-10m higher now than they were 4000 years ago, so the remains of ancient villages are inundated today and invisible to us. Underwater archaeological investigation here has found boulders arrayed to anchor nets for the practice of reef-netting fish practised by indigenous people in this area. Paddling back around Albert Head was more energetic as the wind has risen, so we were happy to return to Albert Head Lagoon beach. After packing up, many of us made our way to Serious Coffee in Colwood to debrief, refuel and complete another wonderful paddling day!


P1000249 P1000250 P1000254 photo 1

P1000260 P1000258 P1000257 P1000256 DSCN1823 P1000267 P1000268 P1000273 DSCN1813 DSCN1768 IMG_6225 Albert Head to Witty's Lagoon - Jan 3, 2015 - GPSV Albert Head to Witty's Lagoon - Jan 3, 2015 - GPS