Amherst to Rum Island - July 25, 2015

Michael Callaghan was joined by six keen kayakers (Beth Haysom, Liliana Lipka, Shannon Davis, Dave Chater, Alan Campbell and Gary Weeks), for this enjoyable paddle to Isle de Lis, better known as Rum Island.

Since stronger winds were forecast for the afternoon, Michael plotted a route to Sidney Spit and then south of Forrest and Gooch Islands around Rum for lunch on the north-facing beach.

Refreshed again we picked up beach debris for half an hour and collected a sizeable bag which was left at the main sign-board for Parks Canada to pick up as pre-arranged. A sign on the beach reminded mariners to give seal pups a wide berth if encountered.

Alan gave each person a sequential clue to an edible treasure he had previously hidden on Rum Island and it didn’t take long for the group to discover it! Snickers are always welcome…

We paddled back along the north of the islands, stopping briefly to watch for a whale (?) in the distance and returned in good time to help each other load and go to The Roost for a well-deserved debrief after another great SISKA paddle!



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Willows Beach to Oak Bay Foreshore Intertidal Paddle - May 3, 2015

[This paddle was led and reported by David Anderson. Thanks to Linda Hall for her photos.] The shortest SISKA paddle of the year is when very low tides coincide with spring and summer sun angles that allow for viewing of intertidal marine life underwater.  When that occurs, we have the annual underwater wildlife viewing paddle.  How short?  Just over two nautical miles was as far as we went.  Two marine biologists, Club President Mike Jackson and Dave Giuliani, accompanied the group, which totaled twelve people in ten single kayaks and one canoe with Dave and guest paddler Andy Ugro on board.


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Whiffin Spit to Cabin Point - March 28, 2015

The wind overnight in the Strait of Juan de Fuca had been very strong, but forecasts called for it to lessen in the morning, so 17 hardy SISKA paddlers arrived at Whiffin Spit ready to paddle to Cabin Point, if the wind decreased, or Sooke River, if it stayed too strong.

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Esquimalt Lagoon to Millstream Falls - March 1, 2015

A relaxed paddle was planned from Esquimalt Lagoon to Esquimalt Harbour/Millstream Falls. Fourteen SISKA paddlers launched from the Esquimalt Lagoon for a trip to Esquimalt harbour and Millstream Falls. It was a sunny day with a light wind on the first day of March. After a brief talk on the beach we headed northeast for the Millstream Falls.

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