Esquimalt Lagoon to Alberta Head Lagoon - February 15, 2015

A relaxed paddle had been planned from Esquimalt Lagoon to Millstream.  Seventeen SISKA kayakers assembled, preparing to launch from Esquimalt Lagoon, on a sunny, mild day in mid-Feburary.   

P1050937 P1050938


The wind forecast for the day was for 5-15 knots and from the beach, it appeared that we were experiencing the lower end of that range.  So following a brief beach talk, we launched and headed east towards Millstream. 



Upon reaching the lighthouse at Rodd Point clouds had rolled in, and rounding the point and into Plumper Bay, the winds picked up towards the upper range of the wind forecast.  A decision was made to paddle instead to Albert Head.

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Albert Head Lagoon to Witty's Lagoon - Jan 3, 2015

25 keen paddlers joined Morley Eldridge, kayaker and archaeologist, and Alan Campbell for the first SISKA paddle of 2015!

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SISKA's 7th Annual Christmas Paddle and Party - Dec 6, 2014

The 7th Annual SISKA Christmas Paddle and Party, December 6th, 2014, was a great success! The morning paddle around Cadboro Bay featured a number of creative boat and paddler decorating efforts that resulted in multiple prizes being awarded! More than 80 members later enjoyed a terrific luncheon at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, with Santa (Doug Linton) and Mrs Claus (Lynne Parten) gifting the best-dressed diner and many lucky prize draw winners. We all had lots of fun with the skill-testing “Heads and Tails” game developed by Debbie Leach. Sheila Porteous gave an inspiring President’s address, and several members shared paddling tales both humorous and cautionary, before Lorraine Nygaard led us in singing kayaking Christmas carols she had written for the occasion. Many thanks to our hard-working SISKA elves for planning another great event: Alan Campbell, Odette Dantzer, Debbie Leach, Heather Jones, David Maxwell and Jennie Sutton. Special thanks also go to Mary Sutton for helping with the busy luncheon registration, and to Fred Pishalski for his many great photos of the day!

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Telegraph Cove to Cormorant Point - Nov 23, 2014

At the last minute the Sunday, November 23 relaxed paddle from Becher Bay was relocated to Telegraph Cove because of forecasted strong winds.  In the end eleven peddlers enjoyed a dry and warmish day on the water.   There were a few wind gusts that managed to find us but other than that there was very little wind.  We had an enjoyable lunch stop at Cormorant Point, saw a river otter off shore that was feeding and didn’t seem to mind our presence.  As we arrived back at Telegraph Cove a few hardy souls demonstrated assisted rescues.  We finished the day at the local coffee shop.


P1000025 P1000023

P1000036 P1000032 P1000033 P1000029 P1000037 P1000038 P1000028 P1000045 P1000044  Telegraph Cove to Cormorant Point - Nov 23, 14 - gpsv