Paddle Description

Paddle Description

  A SISKA paddle from Oak Bay Marina - Parking Lot to Campout 3 days Discovery Island
Paddle directly from Oak Bay marina to the Discovery Island campsite
Skill Level:
  This paddle is rated as an "Energizer Paddle" because of its distance and open water crossings and possible current. To understand this designation better, please read the SISKA Paddle Guidelines
The estimated distance for this paddle is 2.00nm.
  Friday July 06th, 2018. Meet at 9:30 am to be on the water at 11:00 am .
  Meet at the Oak Bay Marina - Parking Lot launch site. View map of launch site.
  Contact the trip leader, John Levey, for more information or to register for the paddle. Please note that the paddle leader has set the maximum number of paddlers for this paddle to 20. Register early if you plan on joining.
The Plan:
Our leader will introduce the Plan and make sure everyone is comfortable with the requirements and any concerns that you may have. Please stay off the water until we are all ready. The leader may choose to enlist helpers and establish communications protocol. If you have VHF radio please bring it with you.
Plan A
Parking overnight on 6&7 July has been difficult to arrange. I will collect the short notices from the Municipal Hall that will be left on the dashboards of the vehicles involved. There are 10 designated reserve spots on the right as you enter the Turkey Head parking lot.

For those of us who are still working please let me know your best OTW time on Friday so arrangements can be made to accompany you over to Discovery Island.

We will paddle directly to Rudlin Bay, set up our tents and plan the rest of our stay according to how people want to spend their time on Discovery Island.

From: Mark Bitz  ?Sent: April 26, 2018 10:56 AM?To: Re: SISKA campout - water taxi or shuttle service - July 6-8
Hi Tony,
I just wanted to follow up regarding our boat support for your Discovery Camping trip. Should you need our boat and captain, the cost will be $250 per trip (each way). We can shuttle you with your kayaks but that does take time as we would have to unload out existing kayaks that we use on our tours and then load yours. At this time of the year we will for sure be running tours so a 7am departure and a 5:00pm pickup would be what we can do. The cost would be a flat rate as each run takes approximately 1 hour and we cost our boat at $250 per hour. So this would be split between you for each trip.
If you could follow up closer to the date with me that would be great, in the meantime I have you on our schedule.
Mark Bitz

Plan B
To delay the departure time until the conditions are suitable for a crossing to Discovery Island
  If your browser does not display the plot of the paddle click here to view.
  Always dress for the possibility of immersion and please bring a drybag containing a spare change of clothes.
Please bring a lunch / snacks and sufficient beverage to keep you hydrated, as well as a themos of something warm.
All participants are expected to have read, and to comply with the SISKA Policies and Procedures.
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