Paddle Description

Paddle Description

  A SISKA paddle from Telegraph Cove to Cadboro Bay
Skill Level:
  This paddle is rated as a "Relaxed Paddle" because of its modest pace, relatively safe environment and social component. To understand this designation better, please read the SISKA Paddle Guidelines
The estimated distance for this paddle is 6.70nm.
  Saturday December 14th, 2019. Meet at 9:30 am to be on the water at 10:00 am .
  Meet at the Telegraph Cove launch site. View map of launch site.
  Contact the trip leader, Willi Fast, for more information or to register for the paddle. Please note that the paddle leader has set the maximum number of paddlers for this paddle to 15. Register early if you plan on joining.
The Plan:
Our leader will introduce the Plan and make sure everyone is comfortable with the requirements and any concerns that you may have. Please stay off the water until we are all ready. The leader may choose to enlist helpers and establish communications protocol. If you have VHF radio please bring it with you.
Plan A
We will meet at Telegraph Cove by at least 09:30 to ensure we will be On the Water by 10:00. After introductions, a warm-up, and a review of the Paddle Plan and Safety Procedures, we will launch and paddle out of Telegraph Cove and then southeast along the shore towards Ten Mile Point. After rounding the Point, we will continue to hug the shore around Cadboro Point towards Flower Island. Passing between Flower Island and Vancouver Island, we will paddle into Cadboro Bay, along the beach at Gyro Park and pass by the Yacht Club towards Spurn Head. Rounding Spurn Head, we will tuck into the protected bay and find a place on the beach for lunch. After a lunch rest, we will follow the same track back to Telegraph Cove.

Prior to heading back after lunch, we will demonstrate (and practice, for those who are interested) assisted or solo re-entries after a capsize. If you are interested in this, please let me know and we can discuss equipment requirements.

After the paddle we will gather at Starbucks in Cadboro Bay to de-brief and tell stories!

NOTE: In the attached plot, the return route across the mouth of Cadboro Bay might be possible. We will assess conditions and aspirations of our group before deciding our return route.
Plan B
If winds or sea state prevent us from rounding Ten Mile Point, we will paddle northwest from Telegraph Cove towards Finnerty, Arbutus and Glencoe Coves.
  If your browser does not display the plot of the paddle click here to view.
  Always dress for the possibility of immersion and please bring a drybag containing a spare change of clothes.
Please bring a lunch / snacks and sufficient beverage to keep you hydrated, as well as a themos of something warm.
All participants are expected to have read, and to comply with the SISKA Policies and Procedures.
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