Relaxed Paddle - Spirit Bay to Becher Bay Tour (NEW MEMBERS PADDLE) Paddle


A SISKA Relaxed paddle from Spirit Bay to Becher Bay Tour (NEW MEMBERS PADDLE) NEW Members paddle around Becher Bay

Skill Level:
This paddle is rated as a Relaxed Paddle because of its modest pace, relatively safe environment and social component. To understand this designation better, please read SISKA's Paddle Guidelines.
The total distance of this paddle is estimated to be approximately 6.50nm.

Saturday, July 30th, 2022. Meet at the launchsite by 09:30am to be on the water by 10:00am

We will launch at Spirit Bay. Need directions to the launchsite? Click here.

This paddle will be led by Rod Stiebel For more information about this paddle email Rod Stiebel

Our leader will introduce the Plan and make sure everyone is comfortable with the requirements and any concerns that you may have. Please stay off the water until we are all ready. The leader may choose to enlist helpers and establish communications protocol. If you have VHF radio please bring it with you.
Plan A:
New SISKA members (joined during the past 12 months) will be given preference when registering for this paddle.
Our long time members may also register.

Meet at Cheanuh Marina in Becher Bay. We will paddle around Becher Bay, following the shoreline in a clockwise direction, exploring the many coves along the way. After reaching the Bedford islands, we will head west, crossing the mouth of the bay, to reach the western shore of Becher Bay. Lunch at Aylard Beach. After lunch we will continue our clockwise paddle, returning to the marina.

The cost to launch at the marina is $10/kayak (previously was $4/kayak).

Plan B:
Hoping the weather should cooperate in late July, if needed, we will do an abbreviated paddle in the bay proper, as it is well protected.

To view a plot for this paddle click here

To sign up for this paddle please email Rod Stiebel
The maximum number of paddlers for this paddle has been set to 8. There is room for 1 paddler(s).

Always dress for the possibility of immersion and please bring a drybag containing a spare change of clothes.
Please bring a lunch / snacks and sufficient beverage to keep you hydrated, as well as a themos of something warm.
All participants are expected to have read, and to comply with SISKA's Policies and Procedures
All paddlers must have submitted proof of vaccination in order to take part in this paddle.