SISKA Maintaining Covid Safeguards

Hospitalizations are slowly declining in BC but it is much too early to consider the pandemic no longer a major threat to health, particularly for those who are more at risk in our communities.

SISKA will maintain current Covid safeguards for indoor and outdoor club gatherings as we continue to monitor public health recommendations.

The virus is now prevalent in our communities, so we must assume that exposure to it can occur in any group setting, and take appropriate precautions.

If you have attended a SISKA event and subsequently develop potential Covid symptoms, you should self-isolate and advise the event leader as soon as possible so that others who were at the same event can be made aware. Your privacy will be respected, but notification of potential exposure will be communicated to the group for their attention.

The rules for self-isolation vary depending on one’s circumstances:

Spring is coming soon, and with it the warmer weather that makes sea kayaking around our coastline such a pleasure.

Let's all stay healthy and get prepared for another great paddling season ahead!


If you have not yet confirmed your vaccination status to SISKA, please do so ASAP…

(1) upload your BC Vaccine Card to the SISKA website Click Here, or

(2) email an image of it to