2023 Spring Training


In order to help promote safe sea kayaking for SISKA members, between March and May for each of the past few years, we have organized "Spring Training" sessions with professionals from kayaking skills companies as well as our own Paddle Canada certified SISKA instructors.

This initiative succeeded in improving paddlers' skills and also introducing members to the fine kayaking companies operating here. For Spring Training 2023 and beyond we are planning a different approach to accomplish our goals, and ensure that our members continue to receive great kayak skills training and experiences on an ongoing basis. After all, rather than being limited to the Spring months, training should be available year-round!

We will promote to our club members the paddling skills development and trip experience offerings of all commercial kayak companies that agree to provide these at a discount for all paid-up SISKA members. Registration and payment for these will take place directly with the company involved, and be subject to their normal customer policies. You will be able to book immediately, making it easier for your own planning and for the company involved. If companies provide discounts for gear we will also promote those. We are currently in the process of finalizing arrangements with a number of businesses and will circulate that information to you as soon as we can.

Of course, our SISKA instructors will continue to offer on-water skills development workshops and courses to members as well, and information about these will be circulated to members when available.

Look for more "Spring Training" information coming out soon!