Multi-day Camping Trip - Hudson Point (Saltspring Island) to Conover Cove (Wallace Island)


A SISKA Multi-day from Hudson Point (Saltspring Island) to Conover Cove (Wallace Island)

Skill Level:
This paddle is rated as a Relaxed Paddle because of its modest pace, relatively safe environment and social component. To understand this designation better, please read SISKA's Paddle Guidelines
The total distance of this trip is approx 9.00nm

Monday, August 29th, 2022 to Thursday, September 01st, 2022

We will launch at Hudson Point (Saltspring Island).
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This trip is being organized by Bj Porter For more information about this paddle email Bj Porter
To take part in this trip you must register by using the link below under Registration.

SISKA Campout at Wallace Island, August 29th to September 1st (3 overnights)
Paddle leader BJ Porter and Assistant Paddle Leader Jane Jacek are pleased to extend an invitation to an overnight camping and kayaking experience that is designed to be minimally challenging and therefore suitable for all members.
We will take a ferry to Salt Spring Island and launch near Hudson Point on the island’s east shore. After a short crossing we will occupy Conover Cove near the south end of Wallace Island. The location is limited to only 9 or 10 tents and priority will be given to members who want to be supported kayak camping for the first time and/or practice their camping skills. If there is sufficient interest (and paddle leaders can be found) other sites on Wallace Island might be occupied by more experienced kayakers.
Interested participants will be provided with a list of equipment and supplies. Some gear can be loaned/borrowed, facilitated by the paddle organizers, for those who are still deciding whether camping is for them.
Further support will be offered in menu planning and camping skills. Links to the appropriate SISKA YouTube videos will also be useful.
Each day at least one paddle will meet the SISKA criteria for 'Relaxed' paddles.
Please contact Director at Large BJ Porter to register for this expedition or for more information. !

There is no plot for this trip at this time

To sign up for this trip please email Bj Porter
The maximum number of paddlers for this trip has been set to 10. There is room for 2 paddler(s).

Always dress for the possibility of immersion and please bring a drybag containing a spare change of clothes.
Please bring a lunch/snacks and sufficient beverage to keep you hydrated, as well as a themos of something warm.
All participants are expected to have read, and to comply with SISKA's Policies and Procedures